There exists a particular type of teachers who feel butterflies in their stomach when find themselves described as awakeners and deeply identify with the meaning of such an adjective. A teacher who thinks how to make students curious, who lets them discover by themselves while encouraging their creativity. An awakener thinks in advance the best way to present a topic, a task o whatever any other activity to students, tries to ask them questions that relate their own experiences and knowledge with the activity in order to make it meaningful and more interesting for them.

J. Harmer (2015) states that the main role of a teacher nowadays is that of a facilitator. He means a person always eager to help students. A facilitator implies many other roles such a guide who indicates how to perform activities and tasks , a resource sorting out students questions and doubts, a tutor who supports students when they need some help or feel overwhelmed, an organiser giving instructions or arranging the class. All these roles are obviously essential and can be very motivating for students, since they place the learner at the centre of the teaching and learning process.

However , none of them has the strength of an awakener, because an awakener makes students want to learn and struggles to get it and devotes a great part of her or his spare time devising activities that students find appealing. Awakeners know about their students´ likes, the type of family they have, their pets, the music they hear, the influencers and instagramers they follow, the apps they love, the videogames they play and everything related to their world, since the main aim of them is to get to their hearts and once they do it teaching and learning becomes really satisfying for both parts.

Awakeners are in love with their students and their differences, believe in the potential of all them and make sure they know it.

Think about it. Apart from being a good teacher, could you be also called an awakener?

A huge challenge worth trying. No doubt.